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18/01/ La Carta de Tarot del día: La Muerte [La ternura y compasión de la Tarot Cartas, Calaveras, Arcanos Maiores, Ilustraciones, Santa Muerte.
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It contains a lot of material concerning the occult and while it often deals with the material on a very superficial level, it serves as a springboard toward studying the occult and how the various areas fit together to form a study of Western Occultism. I have not found too many books that cover as much as this book does. It uses the Tarot as a framework. I find the sequencing of the Major Arcana interesting and it's association with the Hebrew Alpha bet different than other books I have found Which started me down a whole new rabbit hole.

In the study of this book, one thing I found very interesting was that I would study for a while, reach a point where nothing made sense.

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I would put the book down and meditate and internalize the material and then the next chapter would become clear. I guess it was a case of once I was ready to assimilate the material, it opened itself up to me. I have lost my old original well worn, well self-annotated copy but am starting on a newer copy and continue to find things he talks about that are surprising and new.

I first became aware of this book in the 's. I was in an Ashram lead by a person who was Mouni Sadhu's friend and who lived with Mouni for a time in Australia.

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I worked with this book for a few years and thought it was genuine as are all of Mouni Sadhu's books. There is so much material in this book that I cannot pretend to say that I understood it all even though I read the entire book several times and worked with some things and found that they worked. If you are interested in this type of thing, especially to make Spiritual progress, I don't think you will be disappointed although I am amazed how much it has increased in piece even over the last year. It is a privilege to write a review of a book written by Mouni Sadhu, who I admire so much.

Thank you. First of all, this is not a book for beginners.